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Toast Notification Variants


Examples of three different toast notifications all displaying the same generic welcome message. Each has a different combination of colors on the button, text, and background

When a new implementation of an existing design system element called for changes, I used my rapid iteration and collaboration skills to quickly come up with a new accessible alternative.

Understanding Technical Admin Users


The last minute request to collaborate with an overseas contract group highlighted a gap in user understanding. I rapidly planned, implemented, and completed an in-depth series of user research activites in order to answer stakeholder questions in time for a short deadline. The findings also illuminated an opportunity for an enhanced user experience and improved internal operations.

Anatomy of a Password Reset Page


In order to help communicate the changes to the password reset page to my Scrum team, I created an in-depth anatomical chart of the password reset page. This helped to communicate the general design, purpose, and functionality of each part of the screen in an easily understandable way to anyone working on the project. It also helped make sure the page met all of the user's needs and project requirements.

What your password and morning coffee order should have in common


A latte with a foam design sitting on a counter next to cafe order receipts

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

In mid-2019, the marketing team at Advicent started asking other departments to write content for the blog. The topics could be about anything that a financial advisor, someone in the FinTech industry, or future Advicent employee may find useful either in their work or everyday lives. I stepped up and wrote the first in this series. It's focus is to teach readers how to compose stronger and more memorable passwords.